A gaming PC is a desktop computer that has been custom-built to increase performance and meet all the demands of modern computer games. It is a PC with enhanced graphical and processing power. Unlike your normal PC, a gaming computer has more advanced video processing. Most of these high-performance PCs often feature video cards with dedicated RAM, processor, and advanced cooling system.

One of the major characteristics of a computer made for gaming is a high-end discrete GPU or graphics card. Computer games require a high level of graphics performance that your normal computer cannot deliver.

A gaming PC provides a more advanced alternative to a video game console. It has additional game oriented components such as multiple high-end video cards. Most of these gaming PCs are custom-made by gaming enthusiasts or companies specializing in gaming devices. A custom-built gaming PC gives you more budget control and is easy to upgrade. Custom-building your gaming computer helps you maximize performance at the most reasonable cost. There are many components that you must consider when building your gaming computer such as the CPU, motherboard, memory, video cards, power supplies, solid state drives, cases etc.

Key features of a gaming PC

Gaming PCs are designed to meet the demands of computer games. Some of the basic features a custom-built gaming computer should have include the following:

  • An unlocked high speed The processor or CPU is an integral component in a PC designed for gaming. There are two major brands of gaming CPUs, Intel and AMD.
  • Graphics card. The graphics card (GPU) is an essential component of any computer built for gaming. There are high-end PCs that use an accelerated processing unit known as AMD APU. There are many types of gaming GPUs but the most popular ones are those made by AMD and NVIDIA.
  • High end Gaming CPUs and GPUs produce a lot of heat and have to be kept cool especially during an extended gameplay. Cooling prevents lags, stutters, and other performance-related issues. Most custom-built gaming computers use water coolers.
  • Perfect audio. Gamers love premium high quality sound, which is why their PCs high end on-board audio and external DACs.
  • A high speed The gaming computer must have a high speed RAM with low latency. This feature is necessary for high speed game play and ensuring that you get the right frame rates.
  • Better cable management. A massive disorganization of cables under the computer’s hood prevents efficient airflow, which affects performance during gameplay. When the cables are properly managed there is less build up of dust and better airflow within the computer. Effective cable management prevents overheating and heat-induced lag.

The most important aspect of a gaming PC is performance. The computer should be custom-made with all the necessary parts to handle the demands of today’s video games. It should have the capacity to play games for an extended period with the right resolution and perfect frame rate.