Gaming Computers are complicated! From the graphics card to the cooling processor, there are hundreds of different variables you have to consider when buying a PC, which is why I have hand selected five computers that offer the best performance for a reasonable price.

What to consider when choosing your PC?

As the name suggests, Gaming PC’s are for gaming. If you are someone who is heavily into first-person action games that are graphically intense, then you’re going to throw more money at the graphics card. Similarly, if you play games that feature Artificial Intelligence, like Civilisation and Fallout 4, you may need to look at getting a better CPU.

Computers are notorious for breaking down regularly, which is why picking components that have a long-life span and amazing warranty is incredibly important. Believe me when I say, there’s nothing worse than saving up for months in order to buy a new computer, and then having to do the exact same thing in eight months after it breaks down.

The technology scene advances at unprecedented rates, which is why making sure your rig is future-proof should be high on your list of priorities. For example, having a motherboard that can support DDR4 Ram allows you to upgrade easily when prices come down, saving you time, money, and effort in the long-run.

The PC Customiser Ultra-Fast Gaming PC

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