The popularity of cyber gaming has increased by leaps and bounds in the past two decades and that has necessitated the use of specialized PCs that are designed solely to meet the requirements of avid gamers across the world.

What is a gaming PC?

Gaming PCs are computers that are exclusively manufactured for the purpose of playing the latest video games. The main difference between a gaming PC and a normal PC is that a gaming PC has high-end video processing features instead of the normal onboard graphics controller. It also has a separate processing unit, RAM and one or more video cards.

GPU – A GPU or graphics processing unit is an integral part of any gaming computer. This is the system used to process pixels and transmit it to the monitor. A high-performance GPU can avoid screen freezing and time lags and other technical errors while playing a game. High-end GPUs enhance FPS or first person shooter, thus supporting quick inputs and outputs.

CPU – In addition to the GPU, gaming computers also have a CPU which is responsible for controlling the physical dynamics that come into play. CPUs are important because unlike gaming consoles, gaming computers are designed to handle multiple functions.

Cooler – Intense gaming can cause the system to get overheated very rapidly. This is why coolers are mandatory when it comes to a gaming PC. This keeps the system from getting damaged on prolonged use.

RAM – RAM is associated with the smooth performance during a game. computers with higher RAM are costlier and offer better functionality. However, a 16 GB RAM is generally considered enough for a majority of the games.

Motherboard – Gaming computers require OC friendly motherboards with a lot of features.

Who are they for?

Gaming PCs are generally meant for intense gamers. Playing full time would require high CPU performance and great graphics quality, especially if it is first person shooter games. A gaming PC also ensures that there are no technical glitches that can affect the playability of the game. normal computers fail to provide these and also get heated on prolonged use. Therefore, gamers rather choose PCs that are specifically designed for gaming purposes with separate sound cards, video cards, and network cards.

Benefits of using an exclusive gaming computer

  • When it comes to graphics, gaming computers have an edge over consoles. Gaming PCs are able to deliver life-like, high-resolution graphics. It allows accurate zooming in and zooming out. The images are very clear and sharp and videos get processed with great speed and fluidity
  • PCs are more powerful as compared to consoles. Although much attention is being given to the upgradation of consoles, any groundbreaking features for consoles would also directly influence the incorporation of similar features in gaming PCs.
  • gaming consoles do not have the option for upgradation. On the other hand, PCs can be upgraded by the installation of newer softwares, as per the requirement.
  • PCs allow a wider game selection as compared to gaming consoles.
  • Unlike gaming consoles, PCs can use different modes for getting connected to the internet.
  • PCs have the option of changing visual settings so as to get the best visual quality while playing a game.