PC gaming is more popular than ever with the latest advancements in computer graphics and gameplay technology. While its console counterparts have been thriving for years, this platform for playing video games has always had a cult following keeping the industry alive. In addition to the technology improving, it’s also now cheaper to build this type of PC than it was before. A decent gaming PC used to run over two thousand dollars because of all the high-end parts needed to make it function, but components such as graphics cards are now a lot more affordable than they used to be so a decent one is now more attainable.

So What is a Gaming PC?

A gaming PC is a personal computer which has been built for the purpose of playing video games. They are typically built to handle resource-heavy games and have components to aid in doing this such as high-end graphics cards and cooling systems. Because of this, they are focused on performance to operate at specific rates of frames-per-second without creating lag, and they also need parts to co-function alongside each other in order to contribute to its overall capabilities.

How Do They Compare To Regular PCs?

There is often a lot of misconception that people have when it comes to the difference between these two types of computers. To put it simply, a gaming PC is a regular one but with significantly upgraded hardware. While a standard computer can handle most games, they can’t run them on high settings while still maintaining a good balance between performance and gameplay. Graphics cards are the primary upgrade of choice, and they aid in improving the picture quality by enhancing the frame rate and loading speed. Another point of comparison is the amount of RAM that gets put into these. Standard computers now will typically come with either 4 or 8 GB of RAM whereas a gaming computer would have 16 GB as a minimum. RAM stands for Random Access Memory, and it functions as a storage area. When a game is launched on a computer, it gets loaded into the RAM instead of from the hard drive because it’s for storing temporary items. This can then lead to faster loading times and improve the game’s performance.

Why Should I Get One?

While the cost of a gaming PC can be considerably higher than a console, you can still build one for a similar price as buying a PS4 or Xbox One. A major fundamental difference between consoles and gaming computers is that you can’t upgrade a console’s hardware. This means you are stuck with whatever the manufacturers have put into your console and its specs can’t really be improved. With a PC which has been built for gaming, you can upgrade the graphics cards to a level of capability much higher than a console can offer and you can also get new power supplies, fans, cooling systems, RAM, monitors, and more to enhance your gameplay experience.

These PC’s can truly be built on the cheap now as opposed to a few years ago and anyone can enter this market and upgrade their hardware gradually over time. The era of console-exclusive games is also slowly being phased out and as PC is considered to be neutral territory where profits can still be made. With the advent of applications such as Steam which offer a simple way to add to your inventory and also promotional discounts, games are now more easily attainable. You can simply create a Steam account and purchase different games without ever having to leave your home, and some games can be considerably cheaper than their console counterparts, and that’s not to mention the plethora of PC-exclusives either.