We have all seen the awesome screen shots of extreme graphics mods being used on games like Skyrim and GTA (running at a million FPS). So what makes gaming computers different to normal computers? And why are they better to a normal desktop? Lets take a look.

Hardware Advantages of Gaming Computers

  • GPU

The Graphics Processing Unit of a gaming PC is stocked with enough firepower to render the demanding visuals of modern games flawlessly. It also helps maintain a high FPS rate which eliminates any lag during gameplay. Modern gamers have become accustomed to 4k quality when running their games in extreme mode. Many of todays GPUs are capable of the task, but unless you have an extreme setup, you probably will notice a FPS drop at 4k.

  • Cooling Mechanism

Cooling methods employed in gaming PCs are vigorous and efficient compared to regular PCs. Water cooling is the most commonly used cooling mechanism. It sounds a little dangerous having water near your hardware, but its totally safe. Instead of expelling heat with air, the heat produced is trapped by water and then the water is cooled down. Heat conducts much better through a liquid than a solid, which means you can make your hardware work harder before it overheats.

  • Data storage

SSDs have changed the way people think about data storage. While there is a slight difference between different SSDs in terms of speed, in reality the difference is negligible. Any SSD will outperform a traditional hard drive every single time.

  • Processor

Gaming computers always boast a high-end processor. Dual core, quadcore, and even octacore are buzzwords you will hear. The bigger the processor, the more your computer can handle. Its an incredibly important component, and you should spend the bulk of your money here (after you buy an amazing GPU).

  • Memory (RAM)

A good chunk of RAM is crucial as gaming PCs need faster access to more data during game time. There are different speeds of RAM, and it can all get a little bit confusing at first if you don’t know what you are looking for. DDR3 is the fastest (commonly available) RAM, which you should get if you can afford it. But DDR2 is perfectly fine too if you are on a budget.


The Benefits Of Using A Gaming PC

So lets pretend you have a PC with a SSD, DDR3 ram, a super hardcore processor, and an advanced GPU. What kind of benefits can you expect over a traditional PC?

  • Consoles and emulators can be used while maintaining the frame rate of games.
  • The ability to run high-end games, with native resolution and anti-aliasing is possible.
  • It will last you longer than a normal PC because it won’t get outdated as quickly. It’s a long term investment and you can run games smoothly for the next few years.
  • It’s fast! Boot time is very low, and you will hardly have any lag or sputtering issues while gaming. This makes the world of difference in competitive or online gaming where every frame counts. Having a good gaming PC is like having an almost an unfair advantage over someone who is using a normal desktop
  • Most importantly, you can play games that look their very best. You can turn the settings up to their maximum levels, install insane 4k mods, and still play the game without the FPS dropping.

We know that a gaming PC might seem like an expensive initial investment. They are much more expensive than a normal desktop. But they are premium products, and as such they have a premium price tag.

The difference between a gaming PC and a normal PC is like night and day. If you love your gaming, we highly doubt you will regret your investment.


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