Even if you’re not a technology whiz, you are most likely aware that there are two main different types of computers: desktop computers and laptops. When choosing a computer, it is extremely important to keep in mind what you’re going to be using it for. If you’re someone who likes to game on their computer, or perhaps this computer is going to be for your son who does, then you definitely need to understand the difference between gaming PCs and regular PCs.

So what are gaming PCs exactly? Who would have thought that you would need a different kind of desktop computer all together just to play games? A lot of people these days are enjoying popular games on their PCs, such as Minecraft, Overwatch, Battlefield and so much more. There are a few things that set a gaming PC apart from a regular PC.

What’s the Difference Between a Gaming PC and a Regular PC?

The initial difference between the two is that a gaming PC has higher specs to help games run smoother. Hardware available in a regular PC will restrict your capabilities on many popular games, such as Word of Warcraft, which is why gaming PCs exist in the first place. As time goes on, the differences in terms of specs are only growing, especially with the rapid development of technology.

The kind of hardware you would find in a gaming PC that isn’t available in most regular computers are as follows:

  • A larger power supply to handle the large amount of energy gaming takes
  • High-speed processor
  • Max RAM capabilities
  • Liquid cooling tubes that help maintain the temperature of the CPU and graphics cards
  • Multiple high-end graphics cards
  • Top grade CPU

Basically, a gaming PC will have the best possible hardware available so games can run as smooth as possible. Great hardware is more than just having a high-quality CPU. By having everything, from a high-grade graphics card to the most RAM possible, games will run like butter, giving the gamer a great gaming experience.

Why Would Someone Want a Gaming PC?

For obvious reasons, a person would want a gaming PC in order to enhance their gaming experience. While it is possible to play PC games on a regular desktop computer, it’s definitely worth spending more in the meantime for a machine that will last significantly longer for what you’re using it for. Not only that, but it will give you the best gaming experience possible – which is especially a plus if gaming is something you’re passionate about.

If all you do on the computer is browse the web, send emails, download files and play low requirement PC games, then it’s not necessary to invest in a gaming PC. Because gaming PCs are built to have a ton of power, they can last several years while still being able to handle the newest games. Gaming PCs are also built to handle hardware updates in order to further enhance the gaming capabilities. Now that you know the difference between a gaming PC and a traditional PC, you should be able to determine which one is best for you.