Most of us like playing, in fact, it is cool being a gamer nowadays. That is not only for the object of the game, which can be relaxing or maybe the competitive spirit or escaping daily routine. It is also for the passion of testing new products.

The budget is an essential element in choosing the gaming PC. You choose, be it a PC in which you invest long term, or just an already built one.

The new entry gaming PC

Lighter games can run without any problem  while playing on a budget.They are called entry level and are extremely affordable.With 500$ you can have your own.

A budget motherboard, a low-end CPU, an affordable case, with good GPU and SSD. The AMD graphics card along with a FreeSync monitor.

This will allow 30 to 60 average FPS at 1080p max, with limited upgrade options in the future.

The average gaming PC

An average gaming PC would look like this: an Intel Core i5 quad or the FX-8350, as well as the Core i5-4690k.These are fairly good, with no trouble in keeping pace.

The average GPU, like Nvidia’s common GTX 750 Ti or the newer GTX 970 are cheaper than you think. The balance between costs (about 900$)  and quality is good.A large HDD, with a 500GB size SSD will work fairly well at 1440p.

The PRO gaming PC

On the other hand, if you dispose of a generous budget, you can rejoice of the newest games, with the highest resolutions and powerful gaming systems.

It means a modern GPU, along with a high speed processor and great storage.Great VR performance, the GTX 1070 or 1080, along with the video card and the CPU RAM speed up for 4k.

Minimum recommended requirements for gaming

Technology is offering the game lovers specially designed gadgets.

In order to find out if the system will roll correctly a game, it is preferable to know which are the demands of the particular game that attracts you.

As soon as you found out the needs of the system, you can configure the core of the computer.

The CPU must not necessarily be Core in order for you to accomplish your PC mission. So, the Hexacore system is very good as well.

Do not forget to choose a motherboard with many USB ports though, compatible with the memory and the CPU you have chosen.

The peripherals’ response time has to be as good as possible. The light, the contrast and the native resolution are important as well.

Thanks to the 3D virtualization, you can create an audio multichannel using your headsets or the stereo speakers.


The market offer is extremely varied. You just have to decide how much you want to invest in your gaming PC. Do not forget that the more, the experience becomes greater and more addictive. Be sure to be informed about what you need and what the market offers you and choose wisely. Happy gaming!