Gaming has developed a lot in the recent years. While the games stir a storm amongst people, the gaming consoles are other crowd pullers. There are various things available to assist gaming, in fact to enhance the gaming experience.

Gaming PC have replaced the regular PC’s and notebooks that were used for gaming. But, not every gaming PC is the same in experience and you shouldn’t be fooled just by labels. Please read further to know about the points that you should make note of before buying a gaming PC, because at the end, you must be benefitted both via your pocket and your experience.

Points to make note before buying a gaming PC

Size of the Gaming PC:

When it comes to PC, be it gaming or regular, everyone looks most closely at the interior parts than the exterior. So we tell about the appearance part to be taken care of.

You must first analyse about your space restriction. If you have huge space, then definitely you can carry on with the giant gaming PC’s. But, not everyone is as lucky, most of us have space constraints. For you, our suggestion is to rely on mid-size towers ad they are decent enough to last you for longer years, for gaming purpose, without much issues.

You can opt for smallest one, when you really are running out of space, but have a strong desire to buy a gaming PC. The only drawback is that future upgradations may not be possible, rest they are no way less than the other PC’s.

Let’s look at the internal parts

Processor: This is the base, heart of the computer. The processor is the major factor which determines about your system performance. Intel is the leading producer of processor, since ages and they are best at it. Though we have competitors like AMD, who are well too, but hey lack in single-thread performances. That means your computer does too much work comparatively. Now, with Intel there are Quad-core and Dual-core processors. Recent upgradations (Never heard that before) include Hexa-core and Quadra-core which are really expensive and are not found to be apt in their purpose. We recommend you to go with dual-core, when you use it really vague. Quad-core will be best for all further purposes, serving you for years.

Graphics Card: this is as important as the processor, to a Gaming PC. But that doesn’t mean that you need to buy a high-end card for great experience. There are low cost cards and high too, mid-range cards are always better. And the leading brands best in quality and price are NVidia and AMD. Both are best in quality and offer good price deals, works well with 1080pixels of resolution. If you are opting for a higher resolution, then higher card more powerful is required.

RAM and money: we see that many of us think like, higher the RAM memory, faster is the game speed. That’s really not the fact! Actually an 8GB of RAM is enough for all gaming purposes, but to keep the future in mind, an expansion of 16GB is very perfect. Anything above you invest is literally a waste.

Go for Solid-state Drives: Spend Money here. Yes, it’s very useful to have a solid-state drive than HDD. SSD have more speed in loading games quickly than HDD. Go for the space that you really think you need. But always, SSD above or up to 500GB is worthy for gaming. Few games will load just in a blink and will save so much time and work on your computer. Go for it, though expensive.

Miscellaneous: never waste a penny on them, like sound cards, extras and all. Sound card is built-in in many mother boards. Unless you don’t care about money, we advise you this!