Whether you’re an avid Overwatch, Minecraft, or League of Legends player, you know how much details matter. A second faster reflex time or a bit more visual clarity, can change the entire course of a game for you.  The quality of your game is lessened by not having the best tools possible.  

As consoles fight for their place in the gaming world, each year more and more gamers are making the move to PC. It has all the advantages of console gaming, minus the headaches and long lines. Now, even novice players are beginning to fully understanding the value of a good gaming PC versus trying to play games on a regular laptop.

What Is A Gaming PC?

A gaming PC is to gaming, what a porsche is to car lovers. It’s an effective, albeit slightly pricey investment for substantially improving your gaming experience. Gaming PCs have incredible processing speeds, top of the line graphics cards, and advanced cooling systems.

All of those factors and more add up to a computer that can handle the immense workload and hardware requirements of most games.  Gaming PCs also have the added benefit of being great for general digital work and can last much longer than bland off the shelf PCs. The difference lies in the performance.

For Those That Don’t Know:

  • Why Cooling Matters: How well your computer cools whilst being used is what keeps it from overheating. This seems like a no-brainer. The reason it’s important is it keeps your computer’s hardware from becoming damaged from the heat. The better the cooling system, the longer your computer will last. Not to mention, it will also run quieter in the long run without need for frequent cleaning.
  • Why Processor Matters: Quad processors are the go to for anyone that is looking at a serious gaming computer. It cuts down on processing time, meaning fastest possible reaction to action gaming speed.
  • Why Desktop vs. Laptop Matters: Desktops are able to hold more, last longer, and work more effectively. Gaming laptops are just about convenience. They don’t have anywhere near the capacity to hold the hardware that makes gaming desktops so powerful.

Self Built vs. Bought

Most of the time experts are divided over what matters when it comes to picking out a gaming PC. Even more divisive is whether a gamer should buy or custom build their setup. 

The reasons to build your setup:

  1. No one will have the same setup as you. At best, this means you will have an advantage or bragging rights. At worst, your setup won’t work at all or breaks down.
  2. You have complete control. If you are technically savvy, you will be able to build every detail to your specifications.
  3. It may be cheaper. Initially, to build it and upgrade it will be cheap because you will be picking and sourcing every part yourself.

The reasons to buy your setup are numerous:

    1. Others will have the same setup. You will be able to get help whenever you need it. You will also know how your setup will perform before you buy it.
    2. It’s convenient. Opposed to spending long hours and days sourcing every piece, you can either buy a preloaded set up or get a customized setup built for you.
    3. It saves time and money long term. Most come with a warranty and insurance option so when things go wrong, it’s easy to make it right.


  • It’s far more reliable. You will deal with far less problems because of the tried and tested system.  

Budget & Brands & Bonuses

Dell, Maingear, and Alienware are the main go tos for those that want a solid gaming computer system. Each ranges from the $800-1000+ price range.  Things to consider when you are buying your next gaming computer is what your budget is, what type of games you intend to play, hardware compatibility, and addons.  

Calculate for the costs of additional controllers, whether you want an included keyboard setup or a complete package. As games move past traditional setups and virtual reality begins to gain footing, gaming PCs are going to become a necessity.


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