What is a Gaming PC?

A gaming PC is similar to your regular computer but with increased processing power and graphical performance required to play high quality video games. The video processing and graphical superiority is one of the major difference you can find between a normal computer and a gaming pc. Gamin Pc’s comes equipped with high end video cards or graphic cards with their own dedicated processor and RAM. Even though one can play video games in normal computers too, high end games with heavy graphics and textures require a gaming PC for a smooth video gaming experience.

Difference between a Gaming PC and a Normal PC?

One of the major differences between a normal PC and a Gaming PC is the high end GPU (Graphic Processing unit). When you play high end video games in your normal computer equipped with increased performance your game can bit slow or crash sometimes. This is where the role of the GPU comes in to play as it is equipped with inbuilt processor for extreme video gaming, whereas normal computers depend on the on-board graphics controller. There are lot of high end video games in the market and every game development company tries to outrun their competitors by way by adding extreme graphics, latest technologies and superior reality to make you feel that you imagine yourself as the character in the game. Hence gamin PC’s pack a real punch in terms of hardware that it stays way ahead of the normal desktops.

The normal computers are just built for doing our day to day tasks like browsing the internet, sending and receiving emails, downloading files, creating documents and also for playing lightweight games. Even though they are equipped with a graphics card, they are of just average quality that will not be enough to play virtual games like Resident Evil 7, Sniper Elite 4, Outlast 2 or any other high end games.

What to look for in a Gaming PC?

Some of the minimum specs that a gaming PC require are:

  • High Speed CPU – i7-4790K
  • 8GB RAM
  • High End Cooling System – Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo
  • High End Graphics Card – NVidia GTX 970
  • Storage – 240GB SSD and 1TB Hard Drive
  • Optical Mouse
  • iBuyPower MEK Keyboard
  • High End Audio System
  • Power Supply PSU – EVGA Supernova G1 650W

Best Gaming PC’s

Even though consoles and mobile games have caught the interest of the people to play games, desktop gaming have remained still alive and has been the major source of video gaming by a large section of gaming enthusiasts. If you need to own a best gaming PC, then you definitely need to  shell out more money than a normal PC

Some of the best gaming PC’s in the market today are listed below:

  • Overclocker’s Asteroid
  • Maingear Shift
  • Lenovo IdeaCentre Y900
  • Alienware Area 51
  • Alienware Aurora R5
  • Origin Millenium
  • HP Envy Phoenix
  • MSI Nightblade Mini Gaming PC Phoenix
  • Stormforce Tornado
  • Scan 3XS Vengeance