In the recent period, people have witnessed the emergence of many different gaming consoles. Some of them thought that this will end the popularity of PC games, but they were wrong. One of the main reasons for that is the existence of great gaming PC options available in the market today. In fact, computer manufacturers are introducing better models every year which means that they are here to stay.

Every gamer dreams of a desktop computer that will let them enjoy their favorite new games to the maximum. This means having the best performance during gameplay. Many of them opt for custom computer configuration that comes with specific settings and components. On the other hand, a huge number of them opt for pre-configured PCs designed for gaming. So, generally speaking, there are many gaming PC options out there, but do we know what makes a good gaming PC today?


The processor provides the power and speed in the gaming PC. The processor, also called CPU, comes with different power characteristics and in different types. Today, the most commonly used processors among gamers are Intel Core i7 and AMD A10. The speed of these processors varies from 2.7 GHz to 4.1 GHz, but it all depends on the number of cores too – dual core or quad core. No matter which option you choose, you should rest assured that you can play all the latest games.

Graphics Cards

According to some experts, the graphic card is the most important or at least the second most important element of a gaming PC. When people are buying a PC like this, the graphics card usually affects the power of other components found in the computer. Namely, these cards demand certain support so they can run properly. In case you can’t enjoy all the fine details while you are playing because your graphics card is not powerful enough to manage the high definition (HD) then you should stop playing. Keep in mind that almost all the new games today are HD. AMD and NVIDIA cards are the most popular graphics cards today.


The operating system plays an important role too. The majority of experienced gamers use 64-bit operating systems when they have high-quality processors. Windows is still the most popular operating systems among gamers and it is very likely that the situation will stay like this for a long time.


Now here’s another component that is worth mentioning when it comes to gaming computers. For storage, you should have at least 1 TB space and for the RAM 16 GB DDR3 is considered to be the minimum configuration these days.

Accessories/additional features

The best gaming PCs often come with many additional features and accessories that ordinary computers don’t have. For example, many of them use liquid cooling systems. Other have motherboards tailored for the specific needs of gamers. They also have multiple USB 3.0 ports, external hard drives and other things that make the gaming experience better than ever.


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