Having a gaming PC is a blessing in disguise (for most of us, anyways). The youth of our society don’t know how expensive it was to build a gaming rig back in the day, and although it’s still quite pricey now, it’s nothing when compared to what we had to deal with. A 500MB stick of RAM memory cost an arm and a leg, and we had MP3 players that could hold an entire 180MB of songs; we used to think that was amazing. In 2017, times have changed – when you want to build a computer that can handled maximum performance gaming, there are a lot of resources you can rely on.

You can use forums to your advantage, asking users about specific pieces they would recommend for your build. You could use Reddit or any other social media platform, because there’s bound to be a helpful gamer or two lingering around! There are a few key components that go into building a gaming PC, so I’m going to talk about then (as well as what you should keep an eye out for).

What Do I Need?

You need plenty of things, like a proper monitor and plenty of friends to play with – but what goes into the computer itself? I’m going to talk about what you have to keep an eye out for, before I jump into specifics.

Pricing – If you look around on the internet, there are a few products that can handle your needs for a fraction of the price. In many cases, it’s much like buying clothes or anything, really. The brand itself can make the price jump up a few hundred dollars, when a lesser known brand can deliver the exact same experience (without costing you an abundance of funds).

Quality – You want products that are durable, and will allow you to build a computer rig that sticks around for quite some time.

Efficiency – You can’t just go for power, you have to have an effective cooling system and proper casing. You need it to be an efficient rig, not just a very powerful one!

Those are three traits I look for in absolutely everything I purchase for my gaming PC. All the way from the processors, down to the video and sound cards, I want the best bang for my buck (and I want that bang to last a very long time!). Some people will tell you that you can’t cut corners when it comes to building a gaming PC, and I would agree with those individuals – there’s really no way for you to cheap out. You’ll have to pay a decent amount of money, even if it’s only a few hundred dollars; it’s much better than the couple of thousand it would cost you in the past.

Building a gaming PC may take a bit of time and research, but it’s well worth all the effort! You’ll put together something that has your game looking great, and performing just as well.